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Produced by Joe Krown
Recorded at Ultrasonic Studios, New Orleans, LA
Recorded by David Farrell
Mixed at Ground Floor Studio, Meraux, LA
Mixed by Mike Mayeux and Joe Krown
Mastered by Parker Dinkins at MasterDigital Corporation New Orleans, LA
Cover Design by Diana Thornton, Crescent Music Services
Photos by Dave Jordan & Wendel Williams
All song arrangements by “The Combo”
Horn arrangements by Brent Rose & Joe Krown
Joe plays a 1958 Hammond B-3 with two Leslie 122s

Track List

  1. Living Large (J. Krown) JRK Music, BMI                    4:38 min.
  2. New Finish (J. Krown) JRK Music, BMI                      4:52 min.
  3. Slow Daddy (J. Krown) JRK Music, BMI                     5:12 min.
  4. Under the Influence (J. Krown) JRK Music, BMI         5:13 min
  5. Uncle Tio (B. Rose) Brent Rose Music, BMI               5:15 min.
  6. My Mama Told Me (Joe Sample) Four Knights Music, BMI 4:08m
  7. Snickle Fritz (J. Markway) JKMarkway Publishers, BMI  4:23 min.
  8. Stick a Fork In It (J. Krown) JRK Music, BMI               5:19 min.
  9. Dame Dreaming (J. Krown) JRK Music, BMI                5:36 min.
  10. Open 24 hours (J. Krown) JRK Music, BMI                  4:38 min.
  11. Bring Me BBQ Baby (J. Krown) JRK Music, BMI            5:01 min


Joe Krown---Hammond B3 Organ
Brent Rose---Tenor Sax & Percussion
Brian "Breeze" Cayolle---Tenor & Baritone Sax
Brint Anderson---Guitars
Jim Markway---Bass Guitar on tracks 2,3,4,7,9 & 10
Bob Sunda---Bass Guitar on tracks 1,5,6 & 11
Mike Barras---Drums

Additional Musicians:
Sam Hotchkiss---Guitar, Tracks 1 & 11
Mike Mayeaux---Bass Guitar Track 8

Special Thanks:

To the people that helped make this CD:
Brint Anderson, Breeze, Brent Rose, Jim Markway, Bob Sunda, Mike Barras, Mike Mayeux, David Farrell, Parker Dinkins, and Diana Thornton

To John Fohl and Doug Belote who also play in the Organ Combo and have helped develop the music.

To the clubs & festivals that give us a place to play: dba, the Funky Butt, the House of Blues, the Maple Leaf Bar, Le Bon Temps Roule, Tipitina’s, French Quarter Festivals, Festival Productions (New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival), and the Alabama Blues and Jazz Federation

To all the people that bought any of my music and/or came to see me play.

To my friends in New Orleans Juice for help with the song Livin’ Large:
Jamie Galloway, Dave Jordan, Sam Hotchkiss and Aron Lambert

Extra special thanks to my girls Celie and Allie, and my entire family.

This CD is dedicated to my friend Clarence Gatemouth Brown and the guys in Gate’s Express, Harold Floyd, David Peters and Eric Demmer. For all the years we played together, the experiences we shared and the places we’ve seen.

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